Offers & Membership Verification

Membership Verification

Why do I have to register for an online account and verify my membership?

Registration and verification are important, as Calgary Co-op is working on new, more efficient ways to deliver your patronage. Registering for an online account provides us with a secure channel to reach you directly, and is required before you can download the new member-exclusive Calgary Co-op app.

Verification protects your privacy and ensures that all current and future benefits are going to the main membership owner(s). We are asking all primary and joint Calgary Co-op members to register for an online account.

Having an existing Calgary Co-op Membership does not automatically mean you are registered for an online account. To register, visit
How do I become a Calgary Co-op member?
It’s easy to become a Calgary Co-op member. It only costs $1 for a lifetime membership, which also makes you a member-owner in one of North America’s largest retail cooperatives.

Open a Calgary Co-op membership here:

Learn more about the perks of membership here:
What happens to members that don’t download the app or verify their membership?
Members who currently have an online account, but don’t verify their account will lose access to personalized digital offers in on October 25, 2023. Once members verify their membership, personalized offers become available.
I don’t have a phone/ my phone is too old
Members who don’t have the app will still earn patronage on their purchases, can enjoy member exclusive pricing, and receive personalized offers with a verified account.

If you are interested in a cell phone, Calgary Co-op has partnered with Rogers/ Imagine Wireless for member-exclusive pricing. Click here for details

Signing Up For Offers

I already receive e-mails from Calgary Co-op. Do I have to register again?
If you already receive emails and personalized offers, you will need to verify your membership. Please log into your account on your desktop or through your browser on your mobile device and verify your membership information as prompted.
How do I get access to offers and coupons?
If you do not already have an online account at, please set one up now. It’s free, easy, and only take a few moments. Log into and click the register now button. You will then be prompted to set up an account and verify your membership information. Once complete, click on the tile for Food or Liquor offers to view your weekly personalized offers. Don’t forget to review all your exclusive digital offers and clip the ones you are interested in.
Who can clip and redeem personalized offers?
Primary or Joint members as well as their additional invited Household user can download the app and use all the features including clipping and redeeming offers in-store and online. A maximum of two adults in the same household can be linked to a membership number and use the app.
I have an online account and get weekly personalized offers. But I don’t want the app. Will I still receive weekly offers?
Members who have a verified, online account will continue to receive weekly personalized offers (viewable/ able clippable online at If you do not verify your online account by October 25, 2023, you will lose access to your personalized offers.

My Offers

How often will new offers be available?
New personalized offers will be available every Thursday. Most offers will be available for 14 days. So, check back often!
How often can I use the same offer?
Most offers will be set up for a maximum two items per transaction (i.e. 2 containers of yogurt in the same transaction) and two redemptions per membership number (i.e. two different transactions during the time offers are valid). Please refer to the offer terms for details.
On my receipt, where do my redeemed offers appear?
On your receipt, for any redeemed offers, you will see a line starting with ‘DC’ and the appropriate discount. ‘DC’ stands for Digital Coupon.
I clipped a coupon, but the discount didn’t come off my bill. What do I do?
Next time you are in the Food Centre, please take your receipt to Customer Service. They will be able to resolve the issue for you. You can also contact us at any time by clicking visiting our contact page.
I can see my food offers but can’t see my liquor offers. What am I doing wrong?
Due to AGLC regulations, your food and liquor offers need to appear on separate pages. First, please check and update your preferences at Then, when you open, each set of offers will open in its own tab in your browser. For cell phones/ tablets, they will open in separate browser pages so you will need to switch between the pages.
How do I view and redeem my offers for food and liquor?
To view and redeem your offers, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Register/ sign in at
  2. Click the box for the offers you want to view (Food and Gas Station Offers OR Wine Spirits Beer Offers)
  3. Once in, you can view all the valid offers and ‘clip’ the ones you are interested in.
  4. Then, when you shop in-store for those items, and give your member number to the cashier, your clipped offers will automatically be applied to your bill. You will see your savings on your receipt as “DC” (short for “Digital Coupon”).


I used to get emails from Calgary Co-op but am not getting them anymore. What’s wrong?
Make sure to go to and ensure you have registered for an online account and verified your membership.
I’m getting Calgary Co-op emails to more than one email address. How do I get it only once?
If you don’t want to receive Calgary Co-op emails for a specific email address, follow the unsubscribe link at the bottom of that email.
How do I update my preferences or unsubscribe?
There are 2 ways:
  1. Click on the appropriate link in any Calgary Co-op email you've received lately, or
  2. Sign in to, and go to “My Profile” in the top banner.

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