General FAQs


I’ve moved, how do I update my contact information?

We appreciate your business and want to ensure we have your current information in order to send out any member refunds, equity statements and tax information. Please update your information online to keep us up-to-date.
Who owns Co-op?
You, and people like you! Assuming you're a member, that is.
How is a co-op different than other businesses?

The purpose is different—A Co-op provides benefits to its members. Other businesses maximize returns for shareholders.

The control structure is different—all members own one share and get one vote. Other businesses can be owned by a few people, or people with different percentages of ownership who make decisions on everyone else’s behalf.

The profit distribution is different—Earnings are distributed to members based on their purchases in a given year, as well as their equity balance. Other businesses distribute their earnings according to the number of shares someone holds, or their role in the company.

How do I purchase a Calgary Co-op membership?
For only $1, you can take advantage of all the benefits of a Calgary Co-op membership. You can go in-store (at Customer Service) or purchase online .
What are the benefits of membership?
There are a variety of benefits to being a Calgary Co-op member:
  • Earn Equity and Cash Back on Most Purchases. We share our profits with our members.
  • Get discounted rates and tickets with our local partners.
  • Get great savings with Me-wards weekly offers.
  • Vote in the Director Election, run for the Board of Directors, and attend our Annual Meeting.
  • By shopping with us, you’re keeping money in Alberta while supporting local growers and producers.
  • Your purchase supports your community via the Co-op Community Foundation, which supports local charities and initiatives


I just received a T4A in the mail. Why did I receive this and what should I do with it?

That's from your Member Refund from last year. That means your refund was in excess of $100. Hooray! The total on your T4A won’t match the cheque you received last year, though, since it includes the cash and share equity you earned.

We’re required to report all refunds over $100, and to withhold and remit 15% of anything above that amount to the fine folks at the Canada Revenue Agency. But good news—your refund isn’t necessarily taxable! Refunds from consumer goods (groceries, household items, gas for private car use, etc.) are not subject to tax. You are entitled to claim any withheld tax as outlined on your T4A as a credit when you file your personal taxes. Just write “Consumer Goods Only” on the face of your T4A.

If you forget how to report this information on your filing, worry not! We’ve included information on the back of your T4A for easy reference.

When will I get my annual Member Refund cheque?
Expect it in early March, along with the voting ballot for the Director Election of that year.
My cheque and T4A don't match. what gives?
The T4A is for last year’s return, not the cheque you just got. If any tax was taken from your refund cheque, you’ll get a T4A for it next year.
I moved, what happens to my cheque?
Congratulations on the new digs! We mail cheques to the address we have on file as of January 25th. If you think we have your old address, update it here and it will be forwarded to you once returned by Canada Post. If you don’t receive it by the beginning of April, contact us and we’ll issue a stop payment.
I shop at a Co-op outside Calgary city limits, am I still earning?
Our stores are found in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, High River, Okotoks, and Strathmore. Other co-operatives are operated separately and therefore do not count towards your return with Calgary Co-op.
Do all my purchases count towards my refund?
It’ll be quicker to list the purchases that don’t count: bus passes, tickets for events and activities, the purchase of gift cards (the person using it will earn towards their refund), lottery tickets, and stamps. This list is subject to change.
Can I use my refund cheque to pay for my purchases at Co-op?
You bet! Member Refund cheques can be used to purchase your groceries. Be sure to bring your picture I.D. along, though, as we want to make sure no one else cashes it on you. We’ll also get you to sign the back of the cheque so that the bank will know you gave it to us.
Can my spouse cash my cheque?
Only the person whose name is on the cheque can cash it.